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June 25, 2017 - Stayner, Ontario 
The amazing obstacle course requiring you and your canine to navigate over, under, and through various obstacles!
Course Details
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Big News from your Ruff Mudder Course Development team!!

We are sooooo excited about this event. At last count we had over 80 obstacles!  Yes, 80+ fun, fantastic, awesome obstacles.

This makes us unique in 2 ways:
A) we are the only Canine centered obstacle course in Ontario....and
B) We now offer the most obstacles out of any obstacle course in Canada-- human or canine!!

Dogs love natural obstacles like logs, creeks, tunnels, fields. We are sooooo fortunate to have this pristine venue offering tons of Mother Nature's obstacles. We are also fortunate to have some amazing Obstacle Sponsors. These businesses and organizations are developing some creative and challenging obstacles for you and your furry friends. Throughout the next few weeks we'll be sharing vague details (don't want to give all our secrets away!) about some things to expect on the course.

One thing for sure.... This is going to be a day you and your pup will never forget!!!


Video of the site from our Ruff Mudder Site Inspector’s point of view on July 6th!

A slideshow of various photos taken on the site of Ruff Mudder!  This is a GORGEOUS location!